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Ending Child Food Poverty

Public Policy Exchange will be hosting a webinar on Ending Child Food Poverty: Developing a Long-Term Strategy that Leaves No Child

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06 Mei

Key Speaker:
•    Sophie Howes, Head of Policy at the Child Poverty Action Group
•    Anna Cura, Lead Systems Strategist at the Food Ethics Council
•    Rory Weal, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at The Trussell Trust
•  Review government policies relating to child food poverty, including Free School Meals and Healthy Start schemes, and critically consider scope for future improvement
•  Consider the feasibility of recommendations made by the National Food Strategy
•  Discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the provision of support for food-insecure children
•  Identify the root causes of child food poverty and assess potential strategies to address them
•  Discuss the appropriate roles of central government, local government, and non-governmental organisations in reducing child food poverty
•  Learn about best practices for raising public awareness of charity and community services
•  Assess ways to reduce stigma associated with food insecurity
•  Establish the importance of early intervention in reducing adverse outcomes for food-insecure children
•  Analyse ways to bridge the gap between food waste and child food poverty

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