Vlaamse Beroepsvereniging van Diëtisten

BNF Free Webinar ‘A sweet solution’ – Can low calorie sweeteners help us to reduce our sugars intake?

16 Mei

Sugars and sweeteners are an important nutrition and diet-related topic in Europe, and identified by EU Member States as a priority nutrition area with regards to public health and prevention of non-communicable disease. 
The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is hosting a free lunchtime webinar which can be accessed live or on demand at a later date. You can register for the webinar here
The programme is set out below:
 .    Setting the scene – the public health context
British Nutrition Foundation
 .    What should you say when asked whether low-calorie sweeteners help with weight management in adults?
-    The Academic insight - the evidence
Prof Peter Rogers, University of Bristol
-    The Dietetic insight – the practical approach 
Dr Duane Mellor, Coventry University and BDA
-    The sweet tooth hypothesis and other sweetener controversies
Prof Katherine Appleton, Bournemouth University  
 .    Emerging Research: New studies being undertaken 
Dr Una Masic, University of Liverpool