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2nd fatty liver conference | Maastricht

The focus of the 2nd European Fatty Liver Conference is on the interaction between clinical and basic scientists on different relevant topics in NASH. 
28 feb tot 02 mrt

The trend set at the first conference in March 2015 will be maintained, meaning that not only specific hepatological issues but also systemic effects of NASH will be topics of interest. 

Clinical and basic researchers will lead the different sessions: starting from clinical questions, we will explore the answers that basic research can provide. We also go the other way around: basic research questions will be discussed and translated to human situations and investigations. 

This concept of bidirectional crosstalk between basic and clinical research makes this congress unique and calls upon young clinical and basic scientists, and even so those who are working in the field for many years to join this meeting. It is also by this concept, we want to stimulate NASH researchers and those in the field of obesity, diabetes, cardiometabolic and cancer research to join us in the brainstorms and discussions in plenary and workshop sessions, to come up with solutions for the most important, fastly growing disease entity worldwide, and to create new ideas regarding future directions for European grant applications. 

Scientific mission

  • Foster knowledge exchange between junior and senior scientists and clinicians working on NASH
  • Create awareness of the opportunities and challenges in translational NASH research: from clinic to bench & back

Thematic highlights

  • From NAFLD to NASH: clinical and fundamental insights in disease progression and mechanism, diagnosis & treatment
  • Systemic complications of NASH
  • From a NASH patient’s point of view

More details can be found on the conference website and you can check the poster (pdf)
For updates on registration, please send an e-mail to f.defauwes@maastrichtuniversity.nl